We are delighted to launch our new SEDA guide to best practice, funded by The Pebble Trust, written by Chris Morgan of John Gilbert Architects. It will be available to download from the 15th November.

In 2004 SEDA was awarded a Sustainable Action Grant from the Sustainable Development Directorate of the Scottish Executive to undertake three ground-breaking Guides on design and detailing for more sustainable construction. You can download them for free by clicking on the links below.

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improving homes for energy, health and environment


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Design & Detailing for


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The Guides are aimed at mainstream commercial construction and should be useful for Architects, Developers, Contractors and others within the Construction Industry who wish to reduce the environmental damage associated with their projects. Details and Specifications may be downloaded covering five typical construction types, each of which has been carefully assessed by Cost Consultants and Insurability Assessors.

The first, completed in March 2005 offers guidance on design and detailing for deconstruction, to try to reduce at source the vast waste stream for which the construction industry is responsible.
The second, completed in March 2006 targets design and detailing for airtightness, to reduce the high levels of energy and costs wasted in typical construction.
The third, completed in April 2008, targets the use of chemicals in our built environment and offers guidance on design and detailing for toxic chemical reduction in buildings and avoid the perceived risks for those who are concerned.

The fourth, and most recent guide offers guidance on improving homes for energy, health and the environment through sustainable renovation that aims for a balance between energy efficiency, the comfort and health of occupants, and the durability and condition of the building fabric.